Papers and Presentations

Papers - Contact us to request copies or Download where appropriate (see below).
  1. UK Housebuilding Sector Q3 2022: 'The Goodbye House' is the latest and final book in a series running back to 2004. Sadly, it is not happy reading (see below). Check out our Weekly commentaries, too, with the last one to be published 30/10/22: 

  2. The Building Value UK Construction & Building Sector 2006 to 2020 (January 2021). See below.

  3. Tony Pidgley Interview from the Property Chronicle (November 2017). See below.

  4. UK Housebuilding Sector 
    For many years we have published a quarterly report on the UK Housebuilding Sector - which we mailed out. Building Value, however, finally embraced the digital age a year or three back and now sends it out by email. The latest few copies can be downloaded (see below) and 'back issues' are available from 2004.

  5. The Property Chronicle:
    Building Value is a sometime guest columnist in this brand new real estate publication and our offerings since June are available. See below.

  6. Brexit and Trump (28 March 2017): 
    Building Value speaks on these hot issues at the networking event organised by Mingle Minded. See below.

  7. European Real Estate Outlook: update 2 (February 2010)
    Detailed analysis of this key Sector's evolution.

  8. European Real Estate Outlook: update 1 (January 2010)
    Investment finally begins to stir.

  9. European Real Estate Outlook: recovery (November 2009)
    As a very poor year closes, the portents are better.

  10. UK Construction Industry Outlook (March 2009)
    Presentation at a conference organised by Castlemead Insurance Brokers.

  11. Outlook for Global Real Estate & Construction (February 2009)
    A detailed 50 page presentation on the prospects for global real estate and construction out to 2011.

  12. European Real Estate and Construction Outlook (October 2008)
    A detailed look at the prospects for these key sectors.

  13. The dynamics of UK Housebuilding (October 2008)
    This near 100 page tomb is for sale.

  14. Conference powerpoint on UK construction outlook to 2010 (September 2008)
    This presentation from the ‘Building’/Pinsent Masons recent conference is available.

  15. Stormy Monday (January 2008)
    An examination of the post-credit crunch European construction and real estate market.

  16. The future of UK builders merchants (September 2007)
    The consequences of a rapidly consolidating supply side.

  17. European real estate: the truth about yield compression (June 2007)
    See where to make money in property and where not to in this 42 page analysis.

  18. European Property & Construction Outlook (November 2006)
    All you ever wanted to know – but were afraid to ask – in this 100 page report.

  19. Lafarge Roofing Division (September 2006)
    Full analysis of this major player which has now been sold by former parent Lafarge to PAI Partners for Euro 2.4 billion; although Lafarge will initially hold a 35% stake.

  20. Germany über alles? (December 2005)
    The agreed bid for HeidelbergCement AG in the summer of 2005 by its minority shareholders Spohn Cement GmbH was a defining moment in German and European building materials.

  21. UK Housebuilding – where from and where to  (December 2005)
    See why the Sector is configured as it is today in this major piece of work.

  22. Last man standing (September 2005)
    We consider ‘the great disappearing UK building materials company’.

  23. Balfour Beatty (January 2005)
    Find out why these were happier days for Balfour Beatty in this 12,000 word report.

  24. Merrill Lynch conference on building sector in Central and Eastern Europe (October 2004) 
    Some of the ‘'great and good'’ of European building opined on prospects in CEE, including Wienerberger, HeidelbergCement, Pilkington and Kingspan, as did the home team on the macro prospects. Read our 5,000 word review.

  25. Merrill Lynch Housing Conference (April 2004)
    Barker et al were spooked by house prices, but will the volume of new houses really increase? Read our 4,000 word review of this excellent event.

  26. Wolseley/Ferguson (November 2003)
    Distribution is now a science and Ferguson (aka Wolseley) has many laboratories. Find out why in this 17,000 word report.

  27. BPB - an overview (July 2003) 
    See why Saint Gobain bought this corporate (8,000 words). 

Papers (PDF format) - Download Adobe PDF Reader

  1. BVL Housing Quarterly Q3 2022: 'The Goodbye House'
  2. BVL Housing Quarterly Q2 2022: 'Penultimate Picture Palace'
  3. BVL Housing Quarterly Q1 2022: 'There's a storm coming Mr Wayne'
  4. BVL Housing Quarterly Q4 2021: 'and Beyond'
  5. BVL Housing Quarterly Q3 2021: 'Armageddon it'
  6. BVL Housing Quarterly Q2 2021: 'Ex Machina'
  7. BVL Housing Quarterly Q1 2021: ‘burden and light’
  8. BVL Housing Quarterly Q4 2020: ‘War is Over’
  9. The BVL UK Construction & Building Materials Sector 2006 to 2020
  10. BVL Housing Quarterly Q3 2020: Deceptive Bends
  11. BVL Housing Quarterly Q2 2020: The King is dead
  12. BVL Housing Quarterly Q1 2020: The Promised Land
  13. BVL UK Housebuilding Review in 2020 Vision
  14. The BVL UK Construction & Building Materials Sector 2006 to 2019
  15. UK Housebuilding Sector in Q3 2019: “Halloween; and beyond”
  16. UK Housebuilding Sector in Q2 2019: "are we there yet?"
  17. UK Housebuilding Sector in Q1 2019 and beyond: the Y2K special
  18. UK Housebuilding Sector in 2018 and beyond: stick & reasons
  19. The Building Value UK Construction & Building Sector 2006 to 2018
  20. UK Housebuilding Sector in Q3 2018: the cow, the train and beyond
  21. UK Housebuilding Sector in Q2 2018: the VAR and World Cup Issue
  22. UK Housebuilding Sector in Q1 2018: the Bombogenesis Issue
  23. UK Housebuilding Sector in 2017 et il futuro
  24. The Building Value UK Construction & Building Sector 2006 to 2017
  25. Tony Pidgely Interview from The Property Chronicle (November 2017)
  26. UK Housebuilding Sector in Q3 2017: "The $64,000 Question"
  27. The Property Chronicle: Building Value’s August column on UK construction output forecasts
  28. BVL Housing Quarterly for Q2 2017: "The Peak District"
  29. The Property Chronicle: Building Value's July column on the UK housebuilders
  30. The Property Chronicle: Building Value's maiden column on Urban & Civic plc
  31. BVL Housing Quarterly for Q1 2017: "Births, Brexit and Bovis bids"
  32. Brexit and Trump Speech for Mingle Minded March 2017
  33. BVL Housing Quarterly for Q4 2016: the speed bump issues
  34. The Building Value UK Construction & Building Sector 2006 to 2016
  35. The Building Value UK Construction & Building Sector 2006 to 2015
  36. The Building Value UK Construction & Building Sector 2006 to 2014
  37. Anatomy of a recession: the Building Value UK Construction & Building Sector 2006 through 2013
  38. Neil Young competition (April 2012)
  39. The Building Value World Tour in March & April 2011
  40. Pitfalls, Recovery & Opportunities  (Euroconstruct, Dublin, June 2010)
  41. The Private Finance Initiative in the UK: “the report of my death was an exaggeration" (Euroconstruct, Munich, December 2002)
  42. The UK Commercial Building Market 1999-2004F (July 2002)
  43. UK Housebuilding - a brief consideration (July 2002)
  44. "Men behaving badly": international engineering and construction companies  (Euroconstruct, Dublin, June 2002)
  45. Global Consolidation in Heavy Building Materials (June 2001)

Presentations (Powerpoint format) - Download Powerpoint Viewer

  1. The global cement industry: through the financial crisis and beyond (Intercem, Barcelona, June 2011)

  2. Pitfalls, Recovery & Opportunities: - case studies and the lessons learned (Euroconstruct, Dublin, June 2010)

  3. Back to the future: European Construction Output 2001-07E (Euroconstruct, Cardiff, June 2005)

  4. Unique presentation on industry's decision making (Euroconstruct, Stockholm, June 2004)

  5. The Private Finance Initiative in the UK: “the report of my death was an exaggeration” (Euroconstruct, Munich, December 2002

  6. "Men behaving badly": how international engineering and construction companies operate, why and what they might do next (Euroconstruct, Dublin, June 2002) - see above in "Papers" section

  7. Risk Management in Building is no longer an oxymoron (Zurich Insurance, London, May 2002)