Investor Relations and Communications

The key to communication - whether it is with shareholders, the media, peers or colleagues - can be encapsulated in our acronym ACE: accessibility; consistency; and excellence. Simple to say, of course, but harder to implement….
Building Value has taken a front-line position here in the conception and delivery of communication strategies. This includes writing annual reports, circulars, press notices and the like, as well as producing copious research (see Papers ). Tony Williams is also in demand as a management conference speaker including Connaught and Watts Group, for example, plus the Kazakhstan Oil & Gas Authority on the etiquette of being a public company. Tony was also a member of a UK delegation to the Athens Stock Exchange, is a past winner of the John Deere Business Writer of the year award and has been highly commended by Investor Relations Magazine in their annual awards.
At Tarmac plc, Tony Williams headed its investor relations effort and played a major role in communications, both external and internal. In the early 1990s, the Group faced a number of major hurdles including delivery of the, then, largest annual loss in UK construction history (£350 million for 1992) and the darkest hour (in August 1992) when Tarmac’s share price slipped below 60 pence. However, the price recovered dramatically to the 200 pence mark at the beginning of 1994 and Tarmac re-entered the FTSE 100 in the second quarter.