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January 2021 - UK Housebuilding in 2020 and 2021: "War is Over"
Here, we take inspiration from the great Milan Kundera and - since the Sector halved in value in a month to 19 March a year ago - the light has shone on it once more i.e. share prices rose by an average 77% in less than 12-and-a-half months. We also continue our association with those very clever people at Space & Time Media, the digital marketing agency (see www.spaceandtime.co.uk).

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January 2020 - BVL UK Construction & Building Sector Index 2006 to 2020

Our Index provides a unique analysis of the publicly-listed UK construction and building industry over the past 15 years. It shows that in 2020, the Index, which comprises 70 companies, inched up 2% to £105 billion; which is actually something of result in these COVID days. This is also the second time ever that that the Sector's value has been above £100 billion. Individually, Sureserve was best in class with +83% whilst worst was Costain at minus 63%. See Papers

December 2020 - UK construction to bounce by 11.5% in 2021

Experian, where Building Value is an advisor, updated its forecasts for UK construction output in the wake of COVID-19, Brexit et al; and did so over the Xmas break. The prognosis is for a 16.6% historic drop in output for 2020. As day follows night, though, output is forecast to rise 11.5% in 2021, 7.6% in 2020 and 3.4% in 2023; and, yes, of course, palpable risks remain. That said, in 2023, the industry should, finally, be larger in scale (almost 4%) than it was in 2019.

November 2020 - European construction output is forecast to recover by 4.1% in 2021

The latest Euroconstruct Conference, the 90th, was held, virtually, in Munich in November. It promulgated construction output forecasts for 19 nations and - for these combined - overall real growth in 2020 looks set to have been negative to the tune of 7.8%. However, in 2021, the forecast is for +4.1% followed by +3.4% and +2.4% in 2022 and 2023 respectively. In 2021, France (+13.6%) and the UK (+12.6%) lead the pack and do so again in 2022. In support are Italy, Spain and Portugal; albeit Germany is moribund over the piece.

January 2020 - Sam Baker in concert in Holland

On a frosty night in Wormer, in The Netherlands, the entire Board of Building Value saw an incandescent Sam Baker in concert accompanied by a virtuoso piano player in Radoslav Lorkovic. We met Sam afterwards and he said to our CEO: "I know you". Maybe, this was also the first and last concert of 2020?

August 2019 - Israel Nash
The entire staff of Building Value's Swedish office went to this one in Karlstad, central Sweden on a hot August night. Israel was in viseral form, too, and we got to hob-nob with him afterwards. It doesn't come much bigger or better. See him if you can on the next tour; and he goes everywhere.
March/April/May 2019: a musical spring

Building Value en masse saw Keith Urban ('Mr Nicole Kidman') in concert at the O2 Forum in Kentish Town and he shot out the lights. Beg, borrow or steal a ticket next time he comes around. More sedate but lovely - and full of nostalgia - were UB40 at the O2 Arena in April. it was a magical evening; and we met Astro. Nostalgia encore, too, with Daryll Hall & John Oates at Wembley, followed by sublimeness extraordinaire on four legs with Madison Violet in a room above The Queen's Head in Islington.

November 2018 - a musical autumn

The double bill to end all double bills took place at the O2 in November with The Steve Miller Band and John Fogerty (ex-Creedence Clearwater Revival) and the BVL Board was humbled to be there. Both band leaders are 70 plusers and were breath-takingly good. This was followed by Israel Nash at a tiny venue near Kings Cross - the boy is such a star (in everything that is good about that) and the incandescent Lera Lynn at the Zonnehuis in Amsterdam - and the Board met her after the show. 

September 2018 - Biffy Clyro unplugged RAH

There is only one thing better than Biffy Clyro in concert - electric - and that it Biffy Clyro unplugged. Indeed, it was a magical night at the Royal Albert Hall and a celebration of the band's work; the crowd, including the full BVL Board, knew every word of every song. Marvellous. 

January 2018 - Tony Williams of Building Value ranked Number One

Tony Williams was ranked Number One in Building & Construction in the annual Research Tree Analyst Rankings 2017.

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