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Building Value provides advice and leadership in strategy, planning, corporate finance and communications to the key industries of construction, building materials, real estate and support services; and does so with independence, integrity and insight.

Its Chairman and founder, Tony Williams, has specialised in these industries and disciplines internationally for more than 30 years in a portfolio career as investment banker and industrialist with leading companies such as UBS, Morgan Stanley, ING Barings and ABN AMRO. He was also a Director of Tarmac plc and AMEC plc - and has wide experience as a Non Executive Director in the UK and China. 

This provides Building Value with a unique perspective and an ideal base from which to proffer help and direction; and it does so from a Head Office in west London and a Scandinavian subsidiary in Sweden.

Building Value: it does just that

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January 2021 - UK Housebuilding in 2020 and 2021: "War is Over"

Here, we take inspiration from the great Milan Kundera and - since the Sector halved in value in a month to 19 March a year ago - the light has shone on it once more i.e. share prices rose by an average 77% in less than 12-and-a-half months. We also continue our association with those very clever people at Space & Time Media, the digital marketing agency (see www.spaceandtime.co.uk).

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January 2020 - BVL UK Construction & Building Sector Index 2006 to 2020

Our Index provides a unique analysis of the publicly-listed UK construction and building industry over the past 15 years. It shows that in 2020, the Index, which comprises 70 companies, inched up 2% to £105 billion; which is actually something of result in these COVID days. This is also the second time ever that that the Sector's value has been above £100 billion. Individually, Sureserve was best in class with +83% whilst worst was Costain at minus 63%. See Papers

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December 2020 - UK construction to bounce by 11.5% in 2021

Experian, where Building Value is an advisor, updated its forecasts for UK construction output in the wake of COVID-19, Brexit et al; and did so over the Xmas break. The prognosis is for a 16.6% historic drop in output for 2020. As day follows night, though, output is forecast to rise 11.5% in 2021, 7.6% in 2020 and 3.4% in 2023; and, yes, of course, palpable risks remain. That said, in 2023, the industry should, finally, be larger in scale (almost 4%) than it was in 2019.

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